Rental Villas, Happy Holidays: Forget Crowded Pools!

Rental villas have brought a brand new breath to the concept of accommodation and are no longer seen only as a luxury choice, but as an option accessible to everyone.

The chaos of big hotels is no longer attractive and if you want to make a special holiday plan for yourself, you can take the first step by examining the exclusive rental villa portfolio of invites you to experience it.

Don't Look For The Solution Far Away: The Right Answer Is Rental Villas

Rental villas allow you to plan your day as you wish so that you can relieve the tiredness of the year. Crowded spaces and predetermined service hours turn into a torture-like holiday plan for families with children.

You can say hello to unforgettable days thanks to the unique location of our villas, personalized service options, calmness, natural environment, and economic costs, and villa holiday options. You can rent a villa suitable for your taste and budget by determining the place you want to spend a holiday in advance, and you can collect special memories with your loved ones.

Since there are no breakfast and dinner times, you can decide for yourself when to get out of bed, when to eat, sunbathe or relax.

Add a New Dimension to Your Vacation Understanding

For those who are tired of vacationing in crowded hotels, rental villas are among the holiday alternatives that have attracted a lot of attention recently.

Rental villas have options to meet every need. In this way, you can find yourself in the warmth of your home and spend a holiday with your loved ones. All rental villas are designed with the best in mind for your comfort and peace of mind.

We do our job with love and passion to give you a peaceful holiday in crowded and sheltered villas with options that can meet different lifestyles. Rental villa services also offer special deals for honeymooners.

What is the difference between villas and hotel experience?

- You wait in queues to take advantage of the crowds and services at the hotels. In the villa experience, the space is completely allocated to you.

  - You can enjoy the pool while listening to the music you want.

  - You can make a great dinner with barbecue and other kitchen utensils.

  - You can have romantic moments against the view by turning on the pool lights in the evening.

Holiday villas are waiting for you with options brought to life by our villa experts who want to give you a real holiday experience. Do not miss the opportunity of a holiday as you wish with the rental villa options that are starting to see more demand every year.

Bring Green and Blue Together in a Peaceful Holiday!

Renting a detached house/villa is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to a holiday in Antalya, and a peaceful holiday in green and blue in Kaş and its surroundings. It can be considered a good address.

Special For Those Who Want To Look At The Nature From The Bedroom Window

Before choosing the villa where you will spend your holiday; You can find the answers to your questions about the pool, general features, distance to the center, cleaning services, and other details.

You can spend a peaceful holiday in the villas located in the region with magnificent sea and nature views, and have the opportunity to regain the energy you lost during the year. Thanks to our office in the Kalkan region and our 24/7 uninterrupted service, you can get the highest quality service in a peaceful environment in a 5-star hotel or a 1st class holiday village.

Villa Rental Options on Kaputaş Beach

Anyone who wants to rent a villa close to Kapuştaş Beach can benefit from special discounts and campaigns. The villas in this region, which are a favorite of holidaymakers with their unique nature view and clean climate in the Antalya Kaş region, offer many features together.

Indoor and Outdoor Pools

Some of these villas have indoor and outdoor pools inside or in front of the door. There are also children's pools in the family villas. These pools, which are cleaned daily, are internally heated and can be used as spa services in autumn and winter. This super luxury and privileged villas have the advantages of a jacuzzi as well as pools.

Other Features and Benefits of Kaputaş Villas

These villas, which are intertwined with nature, can be considered honeymoon villas if desired. These villas can be rented on a weekly or monthly basis at special prices. Each villa has satellite TV, channels, air conditioners, and kitchenware. If you choose from the villas close to or around Kaputaş Beach, there is a maximum distance of 1 to 10 km from Kaputaş. It will be an ideal choice to spend a wonderful day with its unique sea beauty and clean beaches.

Special Holiday Enjoyment in the Clear Waters of the Mediterranean

Known for its long white beaches, Patara Beach allows you to see all the tones of blue in the sky and sea at the same time. Considered one of the most romantic holiday destinations in our country, Kalkan has a mild climate almost every day of the year. For a unique and unforgettable holiday, you can take advantage of our villa rental services in the region and make your dreams come true.

Let the Stars Light Up Your Night!

By renting a villa that suits your holiday expectations, needs, tastes, and budget, you can save special memories for yourself and your loved ones away from the noise. You can say hello to an unforgettable experience on this special holiday, where the stars are illuminated and the only sound you hear during the day is the harmony of nature.

You can make your holiday plan and make your preparations by evaluating our villa alternatives with a children's pool, central location, sea view, large enough for large families, and making a difference with special services. You can entrust yourself to the magical beauty of the Mediterranean with our villa rental services, which is an ideal holiday option for those who are bored with the chaos of big city life.

Rental Pool Villa

Rental pool villa options are indispensable for families who like to spend their summer holidays together. It consists of our guests who spend their holidays in characteristic concept villas in a place reserved for them, who are aware of how comfortable this is and how important it is to be together. However, as the TNK Tatilnekolay team, we are happy to be with you at every stage of your rental pool villa rental process and to help you. Because we are aware that summer holidays are a series of memories that add a lot to one's life in a short time. Sometimes, even a sunset is a memory that fills you with warmth when you look back years later.

Monthly Rental Villa

Monthly rental villa options are offered in line with the long-term rental demands of our guests. Our cottages, which you can rent monthly, daily, or weekly, are arranged in concepts suitable for almost every budget and lifestyle. The uniqueness of the concepts and the fact that each one has its unique features is one of the elements that make our brand known in the villa rental sector. However, one of our biggest motivations as a brand is that we always keep the principle of reliability in the foreground and create fast solutions according to demands, mutual trust, and establishing healthy relationships that allow you to choose us, again and again, every summer. Monthly rental villa qualifications consist of fully equipped villas suitable for long-term rental. From technological equipment to decoration, from privileged facilities such as jacuzzi-sauna to view privileges, we continue to bring you villas that are far beyond your dreams. It must be impossible for our passion for this job not to go unnoticed by all our guests with whom we travel… That's exactly why Tatilnekolay is always available!

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