How Did Holiday Rentals Become a Game Changer in the Hospitality Industry?

Rental villa holiday comes with an innovative and very successful face as an alternative to the accepted accommodation preferences, which radically changes the understanding of accommodation with the effect of the pandemic conditions.

Today, rental villas are designed and presented with elements of modern appeal for many travel lovers. Vacation rental villas are proving to be game changers in the hospitality industry for guests and owners alike. It makes a big difference in the attractiveness of wonderful regions such as Kas, Kalkan, Bodrum, and Fethiye.

Vacation Rentals Express the Feeling of Freedom and Discovery; The Ultimate in Experiential Travel

Staying in your private holiday villa with access to all amenities at all times means you can pursue your holiday style; so do whatever you want...

Whether it's swimming in the pool in the middle of the night or not having to pay attention to your clothes, total privacy adds to this feeling of freedom.

The best rental villas are handled holistically with every element of design, facilities, and architecture providing a dream stay experience. From modern architectural masterpieces with magnificent views to traditional-style houses with coastal views in more modest concepts, villas of all types have something for everyone. From the decoration to the furnishings, private summer villas have something that sparks and inspires your imagination.

Vacation Rentals Promise Personalized, Pleasant Experiences and Each Has a Character…

The beauty of an experiential stay in a rental villa is the personalization of your vacation. During your trip, having your kitchen, relaxation areas, and swimming pool personalizes your vacation so you can make the most of your time. Some villas are bold, daring, and artistically inventive, while others are exotic, romantic, swanky, or ultra-modern. Each has its character.

While guests expect more pleasant interactions and innovations from their villa holiday, the five-star hotel industry has had to become much more sophisticated in service quality.

Nihat Ak, chairman of the board of TNK Tatilnekolay, talks about the latest situation in the villa sector in an interview for the Golden Palm;

“Will villa tourism become equivalent to hotels?

I think the opposite of this question should be asked. After the pandemic, hotels will also be able to isolate themselves like villa tourism and stand. Although this situation upsets us more because of being colleagues, I think that the way they can stand in their hotels during this process will pass through their isolation.”

Rental Holiday Villas Feel Like Home; Offers Unique Features for Guests Seeking Familiarity and Difference

What stands out when you book your holiday villa to spend time with loved ones is the care that everything has been crafted, from the overall style to the little touches. Time and attention are spent on every aspect of the villa experience, embracing individually carefully selected elements that make you feel comfortable and safe in every area. The reason why our villa decorations are prepared with meticulousness that resembles art exhibitions is to make our guests feel special and to feel the thought, love, and creativity in the place.

Of course, the idea of ​​a villa vacation rental is nothing new. But the relationship between our guests and our villas blossoms as travelers realize the value of privileged amenities in magnificent resorts that allow for both shared moments and privacy.

Our guests on a holiday expect to relax and feel happy in a place that offers a comfortable comfort area that is familiar to their own home. It's that simple… We, as the TNK Tatilnekolay team, are aware and aware of the hard work that lies behind the seemingly simple things. Infinity pools, wonderful views embracing the sea view, a jacuzzi overlooking the turquoise blue, and a candlelit dinner table in the garden of your villa… Here is a wonderful dream! We are always with you to make your dreams come true.

Game Changer: Villas for Rent!

Holidays have now become consciously planned experiences that include relaxation, rest, and a return to one's essence. An experience that encompasses creative inspiration and life-changing quests for life… While villas for rent perfectly respond to all the requirements of this new travel and accommodation mentality, they also offer many other possibilities for the understanding of tourism.


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