Kas Gokseki Rental House and Rental Villa Options

Kaş Gökseki offers very attractive opportunities for rental houses and villas. With the recent increase in the demand for villas and detached house rentals, comfortable accommodation opportunities and improvement arrangements for the demands of the guests continue in these regions.

Renting a villa in Kaş and having the chance to access the fascinating beauties of Kaş in a special place only for you and your family are now more attractive to all holiday lovers. One of the main reasons for this is that we all try to keep up with the changing order of the world. According to the new world order, most sectors continue to work from home, not in the office. Working from home also means that the house is more comfortable and quiet/peaceful environment conditions are provided. To be happy while working and increase productivity, many people are looking for rental houses and rental villas in Kaş Gökseki.

Many people have moved into new homes or have made conformist arrangements in their existing homes, not only to take a vacation but also to maintain their normal lives. As Tatilnekolay, with our portfolio of more than 300 rental villas, our biggest motivation is to find the villa that suits your demands and needs and to offer it your service! Together with you, we are keeping up with this new world order and rearranging all our villas in terms of issues such as hygiene and isolation according to this operation.

What's Kas Gokseki Neighborhood Like?

Kaş Gökseki is a quiet, calm, and peaceful neighborhood for those who are looking for a rental house. The distance between Kas and Gokseki is 6 km, that is, it takes about 9-10 minutes. It is a region where you can collect wonderful memories with the magnificent view of Kaş by the sea.

Kas Gokseki Akcagerme Beach

Akçagerme Beach, located in Kaş Gökseki, is one of the beaches with one of the most magnificent locations within the borders of Kaş. The clarity of the sea is surprising. You know, as they say, "like an aquarium!" Akçagerme Beach has a total length of 200 m. Like many beaches of Kaş, Gökseki Akçagerme Beach has a blue flag and the temperature of the sea is warmer compared to other Kaş regions. Gökseki, which is frequently preferred by families with children for both the cleanliness of the water and its calm environment, is the reason for the preference of holiday lovers for its calm and unwavering sea.

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