Places to Visit in Fethiye: Journey to the Calm Arms of Blue and Green

The list of places to visit in Fethiye will take you to the places where the green is the greenest and the blue is the bluest. Muğla Fethiye holiday destinations are not only composed of coasts and beaches but also include natural beauties and historical places that take their story from a rich culture. Let's explore Fethiye together!

Fethiye Places to Visit List: Don't Miss Out

· Kayakoy

· Kabak Cove

· Oludeniz

· Paspatur Bazaar

· Butterfly Valley

· Calis Beach

· Gemiler Island

Where to go and what to do in Fethiye?

You can evaluate Fethiye, the most valuable district of Muğla with its bays and clear blue sea, in every sense. A holiday full of memories that you will tell for years awaits you. When you go to Fethiye, we have prepared a great review for you to proceed according to a certain travel route and to have an idea about the places you go!


With some structures dating back to ancient times and still standing in the same form, you will almost feel the energy of the ancient people who still live there as you stroll through its streets. Fethiye deserves to be at the top of the list of places to visit.

Kabak Cove

“Let's go to Kabak!” You can hear this word from many people around you while you are on holiday in Fethiye. The pumpkin suddenly calls you and you can no longer resist this voice inside you. Kabak Bay, which is 15 km away from the center of Fethiye, offers magnificent views of its still untouched nature.


Paspatur Bazaar

Paspatur, which we mentioned in our “Fethiye nightlife” article, stands out with its cafes and bars at night and draws attention with its concept equipped with colorful umbrellas during the day. You can visit the gift shops all day and have a good time in the center of Fethiye.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is a wonder of Fethiye where you can feel as if you are in a dream, not on a holiday. The excitement of reaching the valley with the sweet little boats departing from Ölüdeniz is priceless. There is no construction in its structure and its naturalness is preserved.

Calis Beach

Calis Beach, one of the most preferred places among Fethiye beaches, is only 5 km from Fethiye center. It is among the best beaches of Fethiye and therefore it can be crowded especially on weekends.

Gemiler Island (Gemisler Bay)

Gemiler Island, which also has a historical texture with its ancient church ruins, is a truly untouched region. Since it is designated as a protected area, the slightest restoration or change is not allowed. You should visit this special and magnificent region, which is 9 km away from the center of Fethiye.

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