Holiday with Children: Best Activities with Children to Do in Fethiye

If you are wondering if Fethiye is a good place for a holiday with a child, the answer is yes! Every year, thousands of people come to Fethiye, one of the most beautiful places in Turkey for holidays with children, to enjoy their summer holidays with their families. Beautiful beaches, friendly streets, cafes, and lush forests mean there's always something to do for the little ones. Considering the importance Turks attach to family culture and spending time together, restaurants, cafes, villas, and touristic places welcome children in the most friendly way.

Making children smile also makes parents happy, so a happy holiday is possible! Fethiye is very successful in pleasing everyone. Here is a holiday guide with children in Fethiye with the most popular places and places to visit that will make children smile…

Holiday Activity with 9 Children in Fethiye

Gorgeous Fethiye Beaches

Fethiye is full of amazing kid-friendly beaches. We recommend Calis Beach, which is busy in the summer but perfect for children with its gently sloping sandy beach. Likewise, Ölüdeniz, one of the most famous beaches in the region, offers a sheltered beach and lagoon. Or if you want to go to more secluded places, you can try Aksazlar Bay, Samanlık Bay, Boncuklu, or Kuleli.

Fethiye Fethi Bey Park

Located at the opposite end of the harbor, this park was opened in 2018 and continues to function as a place where families can spend time with pleasure. Large resting areas, green areas, fun monuments, sculptures, bicycle tracks, and designated playgrounds make this place the most kid-friendly place in Fethiye. About a six-minute walk from Fethiye square, the fountains of Uğur Mumcu Park appear to dance to music and illuminate with bright colors.

Fethiye History Museum

You can go to this museum with your children, which you can choose on days when the weather is cloudy. The small but perfectly formed museum contains Lycian artifacts from the Bronze, Archaic, Hellenistic, and Roman eras, including coins, statues, ornaments, funerary fragments, jewelry, and vases. Outside, there is an open-air gallery with more fascinating exhibits.

Island Tours with Boats

Some tour agencies offer 12 island tours, an enjoyable island-to-island excursion that visits five quiet islands along the coastline. Take plenty of breaks for swimming and sunbathing, and enjoy a hearty lunch. The twelve-island tour usually takes all day. Therefore, it may not be suitable for very young children. For this, tours that visit only 3 islands may be ideal to start the day late. It may be to get together with another family and charter a private boat.

Enjoying Jeep Safari with Kids

To see far from the beaches in some parts of Turkey, an off-road, open-top jeep safari tour excites everyone. Jeep safaris tour Fethiye's natural surroundings and ancient ruins, including the ancient city of Tlos. Visit Saklıkent Canyon to walk in the cool valley and dive into the waters. Then you can enjoy fresh fish at the restaurants by the river. We would like to point out that this activity is only ideal for children aged 8 and above.

Horseback Riding & Trampoline

You can take a horse tour to see the surroundings a little slower and quieter. Tours vary, but we recommend a horseback ride in the ancient ghost town of Kayaköy. No riding experience is required. However, we would like to point out that it is not suitable for young children. We can recommend the little ones throw their energy on the giant trampolines on Cahit Gündüz Street. Adults can enjoy the day with a coffee while they enjoy the jump.

Aqua Park Splash Fun

There are 2 water parks in Fethiye. Water World in Ovacik has nine slides, children's pools, a wave pool, and an outdoor swimming pool. There is a restaurant, bar, and several restaurants. Child ash is ideal for confident children to spend time away from their parents. The old Sultan Aqua Park in Fethiye also has many slides, pools, fun activities for children, and many comfortable sun loungers that provide shade.

Fethiye Restaurants: Eating Out

If your children have an appetite and are especially fond of sweets, Fethiye is a great place for that. You can enjoy the local dishes of Fethiye. You can find pancakes and pomegranate juice, fresh figs, cheese, Turkish delight, and nuts at the farmers market on Tuesday. You can go to Popeye's boat restaurant for fish sandwiches, or you can choose fresh seafood from the Fethiye fish market. You can try an Iskender on Atatürk Street opposite the post office. One of the best things about Fethiye is that everyone is friendly and taking them out to eat is not a problem.

Peace in Yaka Park

Yaka Park, which is a wonderful place, is an ideal place for you to rest and unwind while your children play in the grassy areas and watch the trout. Located above the Xanthos Valley, 45 minutes from the center of Fethiye, Yaka Park has a cool breeze and plenty of shaded trees, sitting areas, and wide usage areas. Your children can watch and enjoy the trout and fry. It has excellent food that is simple but of good quality. Pancakes, meatballs, appetizers, salads, and naturally trout…

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to holiday with children in Fethiye. Then why don't you turn your route to Fethiye this summer?

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