Journey to Clear Waters: Turkey's Cleanest Beaches

Turkey's cleanest beaches, we have prepared a list full of options that will excite you while planning your vacation! Take a look at our recommendations for the cleanest beaches these days, where hygiene and safety are more important than ever. Are you ready for a journey towards the clearest waters of Turkey?

Swim in Wonderful Seas: Turkey's Cleanest Beaches

Kaputas Beach, Antalya

Kaputaş Beach, which reflects the most beautiful form of turquoise color, embraces you with its whole being at the end of a wonderful path that seems hard to reach.

Patara Beach, Antalya

You should add this 12 km long natural wonder to your list. Patara Beach is shown as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by British travel writers with its desert-like geographical structure and enormous sea. It is one of the places that we should look at and protect like our eyes…

Cirali Beach, Antalya

Cirali Beach comes to mind when it comes to the cleanest sea after Patara Beach. Çıralı Beach is a natural wonder stretching along the forest…

Kalkan Public Beach, Antalya

Kalkan Public Beach is one of the seas that maintains its crystal clearness thanks to the fact that the bottom of the sea is not sandy and is covered with small pebbles.

Cleopatra Beach, Alanya

Cleopatra Beach, located on the slope of Alanya Castle, is one of the rare seas that gives the effect of a swimming pool… The clarity of this water is truly eye-catching. You don't even need to wear glasses or a snorkel to see the bottom of the sea while swimming.

Hisaronu Bay, Marmaris

Located between Marmaris and Datça, Hisarönü Bay is a region that combines the beauties of both towns... The bay, which has been the choice of tourists from different parts of the world especially recently, is surrounded by pine forests and surrounded by bougainvillea. In addition to its tile-colored sands and clean air, the sea is clean and shallow. Therefore, it is very safe to swim as a family. In addition, Hisarönü Bay is thought to be good for asthma and heart diseases because the air is clean and humid. In other words, if you prefer Hisarönü Bay in search of a clean beach, you can swim on a clean beach and find healing.

Palamut Buku Beach, Datca

Palamutbükü Beach, which is among the cleanest beaches in Turkey, can be the clearest sea you can see... Although it is a bit difficult to reach the beach with the cleanest sea on the Datça Peninsula, you realize that it is worth all the difficulties. Once you see the turquoise sea and swim in this sea, you will never want to go back. The water and sea are clean, but the beach and the bottom of the sea can be a bit stony. Although the stones are not sharp, you can take your sea shoes with you for more comfort. It is also useful to know that the sea is deepening rapidly. We can suggest that those who will spend a holiday with children should act cautiously in terms of the depth of the sea.

Ovabuku Bay, Datca

The streets of Datça open to deep blue seas and have clean beaches, but we can say that Ovabükü Bay is the most prominent among these bays. Since the roads of Datça are difficult and bumpy, it may be a little difficult to reach here, but you will get the reward of overcoming the difficult roads here as everywhere else. Ovabükü, which is wider than the other bays around it, is much cleaner and clearer thanks to this width.

Turkey's Cleanest Sea 2021

Turkey's cleanest sea 2021 list includes names such as Fethiye Ölüdeniz, Kaş Kaputaş, Kalkan Kalamar, İslamlar Bay, İztuzu Beach, Kekova. Ayvalık Sarimsakli beach, Bozcaada Ayazma Beach, Antalya Lara Beach, Gökçeada Kefalos beach, Antalya Cirali Beach, Çeşme Ilıca, Datça Ovabüklü, Marmaris Amos are among the beaches with the cleanest sea.

In general, as of 2021, 519 beaches, 22 marinas, 6 individual yachts, and 10 tourism boats for the first time this year have been awarded the Blue Flag in our country.

The International Blue Flag Jury's 2021 Blue Flag awards were announced as follows: This year, 519 beaches, 22 marinas, 6 individual yachts, and 10 tourism boats in Turkey were awarded the blue flag.

The Blue Flag Program, which is carried out in our country under the coordination of the Turkish Environmental Education Foundation (TÜRÇEV), is implemented in 49 countries in the world under the coordination of the International Environmental Education Foundation-FEE.

The International Environmental Education Foundation-FEE, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, has reported the ranking of the top five countries from all countries implementing the Blue Flag Program in 2021. Accordingly, Turkey became the 3rd in the world with the number of beaches, as in previous years. Spain is in the first place and Greece is in the second place. Italy is in 4th place behind Turkey, followed by France in 5th place.

Turkey's Most Beautiful Bays

Let's come to the most beautiful bays of Turkey… Bays are ideal spots for people to meet the sea in private and quiet areas. We can start our list of the most beautiful bays of Turkey as follows:

· Kekova Bay

· Aquarium Bay

· Roof Bays

· Kargi Bay

· Kabak Cove

· Balıkaşiran Bay

· Adrasan Bay

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