Kas Beaches 2021 | The Most Beautiful Places to Swim in Kas

Kaş beaches have the clearest seas and coves in Turkey, and therefore they have become a frequent destination for thousands of people every year. Opening the holiday season in April, Kaş attracts the attention of foreign tourists from all over the world as well as domestic tourists. We deserve them!

Best Kas Beaches List

Those who want to spend their summer vacation in Kaş can be sure that they will have a satisfying holiday both in terms of rest and culture. In terms of places to swim in, Kaş has special beauties that you will not find anywhere else in Turkey… Apart from the natural beauties that Kaş offers, the ancient cities, museums, natural caves, and many more within its borders raise the bar for your holiday concept.

Free Kas Beaches (Kas Public Beaches)

Kaputas Beach:

Kaputaş Beach is the first beach that comes to mind when Kas is mentioned. Kaputaş, which has a wide and relatively long beach compared to other beaches, is one of the beaches that receive the most visitors. always clean; In June and July, the density can increase significantly.

Küçük Çakıl Beach

It is one of the most preferred beaches among Kas central beaches. It can be the choice of those who want to spend a quiet holiday alone with nature. It will accompany you with its light breeze on your journey into yourself.

Hedayet's Cove

Hidayet'in Bay, which started to serve as a beach in 2015, has a colorful and lively ambiance. Many hotels and family restaurants in the vicinity are among the factors that cause this activity. It would be wise to book a place in advance during busy holiday periods.

Akcagerme Beach:

Akçagerme Beach is among the blue-flagged Kaş beaches. It has very good standards in terms of sea and beach cleanliness. It is 3 km from the center of Kas.

Patara Beach

Patara Beach, one of Turkey's most popular beaches, has all the qualities to deserve this reputation. It is like a corner of paradise with its fine golden yellow sand, deep blue clear sea, and protected Caretta Caretta. Price updates on the beach, where the entrance is 20 TL, can vary from year to year. It is possible to make a pre-booking during the busy summer season.

Limanagzi Beach

Limanağzı Beach, which can be reached by boat, is one of the most beautiful and unique beaches in Kaş. Although it is thought to be cleaner because it cannot be reached by vehicle, all Kaş beaches are in very good condition in terms of cleanliness.

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Kaş Beaches to Visit with Children

Families who like to spend time at sea all day, don't worry! There can be no better place for your children than Kaş... Families generally prefer the sandy beaches in Kaş... Here are alternative beaches where you and your children can save wonderful memories safely!

Hidayet Cove


Akcagerme Beach

Kucukcakil Beach

Kaş Trip Preference by Month

When to go to Kas?

The answer to the question of when to go to Kaş, as you can imagine, corresponds to the spring and autumn months… Kaş will show you its most beautiful face in April and early May and October. Do you know what the most beautiful part of Kaş is? Its sea is fed by cold underground waters… Of course, if you are coming in October or late this month, you can seek a warmer sea, but it still attracts you with its clarity and cleanliness… The thin strait calls you to itself with its relatively warm water.

In the months of June-August, Kaş can be both very crowded and very hot. However, all this should not prevent you from meeting a beauty like Kaş! Whenever you have time is the best time for you!

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